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One million coasters

So, this week I was filling some of my Etsy orders while listening to the NOFX Coaster album. I had some time to kill, waiting for paint to dry, and a good bit of leftover materials, so I figured why not make some coasters. Our decor theme throughout our common areas is all music and… Continue reading One million coasters


Jumbo Jenga For The Win

So yesterday I celebrated Wood Wednesday.... You can see it was fun day for me...anyhow, my restaurant had this big party planned to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I decided to make a Jumbo Jenga set. I'm so glad I did! If you're willing to put in the manual labor, it's a really fun project.… Continue reading Jumbo Jenga For The Win


Our Color-Washed Kitchen Cabinets

So I'm very proud of this project!! We're working on completely remodeling our kitchen but we really don't want to completely replace cabinets and countertops. Instead we decided to try something different and used some supplies we had leftover from other painting we did around the house. I chose a teal for our accent wall… Continue reading Our Color-Washed Kitchen Cabinets


Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreaths Now Available for sale on Etsy

If you love The Haunted Mansion or Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll love these wreaths! Now available for purchase on Etsy. You can get them with or without the skull. Each of these bad boys are roughly 16" in diameter and are hand wrapped and assembled by yours truly. The Skull and bow are available as… Continue reading Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreaths Now Available for sale on Etsy