Dark and Stormy Cocktail

If you are a loyal reader, then you know that I have a cocktail (or beer or wine) upon finishing any of my projects. I promised to share my twisted recipe for a Dark and Stormy, which is what I made after my rock inspired coasters, all thanks to Drizly.

I’ve raved continuously about Drizly, but if you’re unaware of their greatness, read this.

The dark and stormy cocktail is traditionally made similar to a Moscow Mule and is put in a copper mug, but I much prefer to use a coffee cup. After years of bar management, those copper mugs find a way to grow legs and just disappear, but not my Star Wars coffee mugs (thanks again, Ma!).

I personally prefer Goslings Bermuda Black Rum in my dark and stormy cocktail recipe, but the choice is ultimately yours. I am very terrible about keeping fresh limes in stock, (I mean, you’re talking to the mom who buys salad kits at the grocery store and throws the entire bag away a week later) but I consistently keep Rose’s Lime Juice on hand, and the sweetness is a perfect balance with the ginger beer.

Let’s talk about ginger beer, because in this recipe, it really matters! Goslings makes a delicious ginger beer, which is often found at most grocery stores locally, but I much prefer the flavor of Regatta brand ginger beer. The ginger flavor is superbly strong, so when it’s mixed with the other ingredients (the bitters in particular), your entire palate is surprised with the perfection in the balance of all of the flavors.

Destructions  Instructions:

1.5 oz dark rum

Dash angostura bitters

Dash Roses Lime Juice

Ginger beer to the top

dark and stormy mug

Want to try out this cocktail? Get all the ingredients delivered within the hour by Drizly!

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