DIY Dollar Tree Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath

Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath with one trip to Dollar Tree (assuming you have some yellow and black acrylic paint and a glue gun laying around)! This is probably my easiest project I’ve ever taken on! It really only takes about an hour of working time, but you may have time waiting for the paint to dry. That’s ok, though, because it gives you the chance to do some laundry or, if you’re anything like me, go get the bread you have forgotten on your last trip to the grocery store.

I digress….here’s everything you need, complete with instructions and photos, to make your own Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath all with Dollar Tree supplies, and less than $10!

Video tutorial coming soon!



  1. Cut tags from the wreath frame
  2. Attach your first strand of garland to the wreath frame with floral wire, and begin wrapping the frame, each row close enough together that you do not see any holes or gaps.
  3. When you get to the end of the garland, simply twist the end together with your next one, ensuring your twist stays at the back of the wreath frame, and continue wrapping.
  4. Repeat step number 3 until your wreath is completely covered, and secure with floral wire.
  5. For the eyes, cut the handles off of your two plastic spoons, and paint them yellow.
  6. While that coat of paint is drying, you can cut your teeth. To do so, simply lay your wrapped wreath on top of the white foam board, and using your pencil, mark your inner “mouth” (yes, it will look like a very rudimentary circle), and then draw how you want the teeth inside the circle.
  7. You can now relocate the wreath temporarily, and, using your exacto knife, cut out your teeth. Do not worry about cutting exactly on the line, as you want to pull the paper liners off anyhow to expose just the foam.
  8. Hot glue the teeth to the mouth of the wreath.
  9. By now your eyes should be dry enough to add the final details. Using your black acrylic paint, add a little eyeliner to the very outside edges of the spoons, and add a black pupil. Set aside to dry.
  10. Add your bow to the bottom of the wreath using the wire that is already attached to the bow. I personally like to also secure mine with a bit of hot glue.
  11. Embellish your wreath by hot gluing some holly berries around, leaving room for the eyes.
  12. Once your eyes are dry, you can also hot glue those into place, and you now have made your own Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath!

Happy crafting, friends!


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