DIY Wood Projects for Kids

It’s the last weekend of Christmas break for the Twisted Brother, so he and I decided to unplug today and make some fun wood crafts together! These DIY wood projects for kids are simple and cheap too! If you are at a loss of what to do with your kiddos that will actually keep them just as entertained as the video games, then try these ideas! Each project takes no more than 30 minutes of actual working time, so you can even do one in an afternoon. I’ve included the amount of actual working time by project, and these also require some basic parental supervision, meaning your little one can make his or her own wood project almost completely on their own!

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#1 – Catapult with craft sticks

Total Time – 5 minutes

Wood projects for kids catapult
Ready To Fire



  1. Stack two craft sticks together, one on top of the other, and then lay another craft stick on top, but perpendicular to the initial two, with more hanging off one end.
  2. Stack 5-6 more craft sticks on top of the others, but following the same direction as the first two you stacked. Use a rubber band to fasten both ends of the stack.
  3. Rubber band another craft stick from the shorter end of your perpendicular stack.
  4. Using your hot glue gun, fasten a small paper cup to the longer end of the stick at the very top to hold your artillery.

This little toy was the hit of the entire weekend! As much as the Twisted Brother loves painting, he much prefers to do as brothers do and annoy his sister constantly. Naturally, I encourage this behavior. “Deadly” siege machines aside, DIY wood projects for kids can bring the whole family together.

#2 – Wooden string art

Total time – 1 hour

“Jerald” The Elephant




  1. If your little one decides they want to paint their wooden wall plank, that is where you want to begin. Allow this to dry overnight (after you’ve had copious amounts of wine, in anticipation of all of the hammering of nails you know you will have to do tomorrow, and because you just made a catapult for your little one and you now have bits of paper towel flying across your home).
  2. With the little one’s help, find a very simple stencil. The Twisted Brother chose an elephant.
  3. Once you have your stencil printed, rub the back of the paper with a pencil, and then lay your stencil on your wood plank and begin tracing the outline with a good bit of pressure so you have an idea of where to put your nails.
  4. Nail in some nails around the perimeter of your stencil, then the little one is ready to start adding yarn.
  5. After your child is happy with their design, you can tie off the yarn and hang it on their wall to enjoy.

#3 – Acrylic pour painting on wood

Total Time – 15 minutes


Unfortunately, I did not get as many photos of our process as I would like, as we had to work quickly with this project. This wood project gives your little one the opportunity to blend their own colors for a fun wall hanging for their room.



  1. Find a level work surface where your art can dry overnight without being disturbed. Set your tray out, and elevate your wooden wall plank using a few of the small paper cups.
  2. Put on your gloves, and using your small paper cups, mix a 50/50 mixture of acrylic paint and pouring medium. This is where your little one gets to have fun & explore their creativity with colors. You can have as many or as few cups as you would like. The Twisted Brother chose to use blue, white, lime green, and a glittery mahogany acrylic paint. Each color must be mixed in its own cup on its own with the pouring medium.
  3. Now that you have your individual colors mixed in your cups, then you want to pour them one at a time into your medium sized cup but do not mix them together. You want them to somewhat layer, creating a marbled effect in your big cup.
  4. Place your wood plank on top of your big cup, and flip the whole thing over, resting the wood plank back on the small cups over your tray. Then slowly lift the cup straight up, and your marbled paint will then run around your wood plank.
  5. Lift your wood plank, encouraging the paint to run over all sides, and then set it back on the cups to dry overnight.

I hope you find these DIY wood projects for kids as fun as the Twisted Brother and I did!

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