Jumbo Jenga For The Win

So yesterday I celebrated Wood Wednesday….


You can see it was fun day for me…anyhow, my restaurant had this big party planned to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I decided to make a Jumbo Jenga set. I’m so glad I did! If you’re willing to put in the manual labor, it’s a really fun project.

Tools and supplies:

(6) 2x4x8 foot boards

Speed square


Circular saw



Lots of water (for you to stay hydrated)

Destructions Instructions:

1) Lay out your boards

2) Make cut lines on your boards every 10 1/2 inches, starting from one end, working down to the other end. Smart chick tip: If you have the speed square I mentioned above you can mark two boards at once like I did here. I just used a basic straight ruler and marked every 10 1/2″ and then used my square to make my marks.

3) Once you’ve marked your boards, it’s time to cut them with your circular saw.

Each board will give you 9 blocks for 54 total.

4) Now, let’s face it, kids will be grabbing them. Get your orbital sander and smooth out your ends and go over the sides to get any potential splinters.

5) Put your tools away and grab a beer because you’ve worked hard for it!

It was a hot day when I made this set, and I had my last Rekorderlig Passion Fruit Cider from Drizly! (Good thing my next order will be here mighty soon!)

Here’s my creation in action….

For those of you who do not want to put in the labor of love on building this, I just so happen to love playing with power tools, and will have them available for sale in my store as well as Etsy.

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