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One million coasters

So, this week I was filling some of my Etsy orders while listening to the NOFX Coaster album. I had some time to kill, waiting for paint to dry, and a good bit of leftover materials, so I figured why not make some coasters.

Our decor theme throughout our common areas is all music and arcade, so that compounded with my love of album art, I conceived these bad boys:

You know I cannot share a project without the instructions in case you want to do this at home. These coasters make a gorgeous product that’s more than just a picture covered in Mod Podge (don’t get me wrong at all- Mod Podge is totally a gift from the crafting gods but the finish isn’t professional quality for me.)

Tools and supplies:

I also learned the hard way to always have a couple of towels or paper towels nearby

Destructions: Instructions:

First you need to collect the art or photo you want to use. You want a high quality 4×4 photo (this doesn’t have to be crazy punk bands, either). It will work with any photo you want. I used my Cricut Air to make it perfect.

If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t sweat it…again you just need a high quality 4×4 photo

Cover the bottom of your tiles with painters tape and cut off the excess around the edges with your exacto knife.

Flip your tiles shiny side up and give a good wipe with a streak free windex. I use a vinegar based window cleaner that works great. Drop a dollop of Mod Podge on your tiles and spread generously.

Apply your photo and roll out air bubbles with your decoupage roller. Make sure your photo is centered and allow it to dry for an hour or two.

You want to elevate your tiles (otherwise they’ll become a permanent fixture on your table). Mix your clear coat resin, and pour roughly an ounce on each tile over the photo, and use your craft brush to encourage the resin all over the tile.

Allow them to sit for about 24 hours to allow the resin to cure.

Once cured, peel off the painters tape from the back, along with the resin that dried to the bottom.

Using your fine grit sandpaper, sand any rough edges from around your coaster, then back it with a felt square using your hot glue gun, and you have an awesome new coaster!

Thanks to Drizly, this project was completed with a wonderful Dark and Stormy (I have my own twist on the old favorite, which I’ll post tonight.)

If all of this seems like too much work for you, I have a selection of coasters available for sale at my Etsy store! Custom orders are always welcome, too!

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