Our Color-Washed Kitchen Cabinets

So I’m very proud of this project!! We’re working on completely remodeling our kitchen but we really don’t want to completely replace cabinets and countertops. Instead we decided to try something different and used some supplies we had leftover from other painting we did around the house.

I chose a teal for our accent wall in our living room where our arcade machines live….

As you can see, I like bright colors! With our open floor plan our gray cabinets just looked Plain Jane, which does not blend with my funky style!

So after convincing my husband and trying to explain my vision to him, he finally gave in, and we began light sanding and then covering with a base coat of our leftover teal paint….

Once that dried, first my husband freaked because it was so bright….”oh, ye of little faith!” I did a basic color wash with black paint and water, working one section at a time until I had the look I wanted.

My husband then flipped out at how great they looked! He was so happy with it, he did the polyurethane coat himself!

We chose an oil based polyurethane because a) we had some laying around, and b) we have five kids and given the amount of grubby hands touching the cabinets we wanted the extra durability.

The following week, we did a Venetian plaster finish on our countertops, using the last of the polyurethane we had leftover. We also replaced the sink and faucet during this step….now on to changing the appliances!

If you live in the North Central Florida area and would like a consultation on how to get a similar look for your kitchen, reach out through the contact me page.

Wine time!

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