Creme de Comrade Cocktail – Peanut Butter Cup Goodness

Do you enjoy cocktail making? Do you love peanut butter cups? How about the traditional White Russian Cocktail? If you answered yes to all three questions, then go ahead and take two aspirin now and buckle in because you’re going to need them for these three twists on the old original! These drinks are so divine you won’t be able to stop! Much like our Koolaid Mixer adventures, They’re also not short on the sugar content, so it’ll go straight to your head, so to speak.

Each of these three versions is made using the same four ingredients, which we have ever-so-lovingly dubbed the “Creme de Comrade” Cocktail series. For this version of twisted cocktail making, we will use only Vodka, Kahlua, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Creamer, and milk.


#1 “Creme de Comrade” Cocktail


Creme de Comrade V1

Just pour it all into a tall glass filled with ice, stir and enjoy. Once your mind has been blown, you will not want to stop!! Then about two of these later, you will soon be wanting to make other versions of this cocktail…..such as…


#2 Frozen “Creme de Comrade”


Creme de Comrade V2Big ol mess

Put these ingredients in a blender on ice, and blend and enjoy (we do not recommend a food processor). Full disclosure, we used a food processor, and created a HUGE mess, plus it didn’t blend evenly, so we really had to race to finish the drink before it was too watered down. Although it was still delicious, we did not enjoy this version quite as well as just on rocks or as a martini….yes, a martini!





#3 “Creme de Comrade” Martini


Pour all into a shaker filled with ice, then shake until cold and frothy. You can garnish the glass with chocolate sauce or even a peanut butter cup cut in half. We used made a peanut butter cookie rim on this version tonight, but the possibilities are endless….so long as it includes peanut butter or chocolate.

Creme de Comrade Martini

As you can see, we are serving it from a plastic champagne glass tonight, as this is the third or fourth-ish round (who keeps count anyway?), and clearly the strongest round, so safety first.

For the sake of loving, and for the love of peanut butter, we hope you enjoy! Cheers, friends!



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