The Best Mixer Ever….OH YEAH!

I know, I know…you can feel my excitement over this, can’t you? My passion for tending bar does not end when I’m home from work. In fact, it’s my daily goal to look at my home bar after dinner and see what I can make without an additional trip to the store. I don’t know about you all, but I abhor the grocery store.

Anyhow, I have found the mixer that goes with almost everything in a pinch, and chances are, you already have it in your pantry….Wait for it….It’s Kool-aid!! Naturally, you can add just about any flavor with any single liquor, and you have a delicious treat, but I have also created a list of some of my favorite cocktails made at home with Kool-aid for you to try. Now, bust out the home bar, and make some fun Kool-aid mustaches with amazing memories to match!


“Drunkleberry Finn”

Believe it or not, this is a light and fruity type of punch drink. It also paired very well with taquitos.


“Orange Creamsicle”

This is a great sitting on the porch, watching the kids play kind of drink. It goes down easy, but isn’t going to kick you in the face like a full on martini will. Maybe having four or five will give you that full on martini effect, if that is what you’re in for.




“Purple Jesus”

I like to drink this when I’m watching the Big Lebowski, especially the part where the character Jesus is in the bowling alley, and he says “No one messes with the Jesus.”

blue“Blue Pirate Punch”

This one is definitely a crowd pleaser, and if you want to make it in pitcher form, add 8 ounces of rum to your big kool-aid pitcher, then mix in your kool-aid, and then serve over ice.





Between Amazon Prime Pantry, and Drizly, I rarely have to go to the store anymore. Make sure you check them both out! If you come up with your own Kool-aid cocktail, please share it in the comments below! Sharing is caring, friends.


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